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O.A.S.I.S. Learning Methodology

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Welcome to Education 3.0

Personalized Lifelong Learning for All

Onyx Institute

The Platinum Standard of Adult Education

  • The Art of Learning

    Master the Art of Learning with a new methodology that is rooted in timeless techniques from Plato to today.

  • Information Access

    Expand your knowledge base any time you want with the world's best academic resources.

  • University Success

    Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Make learning a lifelong practice that's seamlessly integrated into your everyday life.

What will you learn?

The Onyx Body of Knowledge

  • You will learn the timeless personal development and learning skills that are currently missing in curriculums around the world.

  • You will learn how your personal, academic, and professional lives unite in your ability to learn from the world around you and access the information you need to solve life's problems.

  • You will learn how to utilize the world around you to thrive along life's journey and navigate the waters of the 21st Century.

  • You will learn precisely how to select which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and maximize your new talents as you build an academic, professional, and personal life of excellence and success.

Master Learner Certification

Celebrate your achievement with your Master Learner certificate & digital badge, and demonstrate your preparation for any 21st Century learning environment.
Onyx Master Learner Certificate